CoreBiome is a microbiome sequencing and analysis provider run by microbiome scientists. Our mission is to accelerate the entire microbiome industry toward breakthrough discoveries by offering fast, high-resolution shotgun metagenomics at prices that enable everyone to run well-powered studies. We take pride in our obsession with quality and accuracy. We guarantee the quality of our work by running all assays and informatics on site. We also pair a fully optimal database search algorithm with a comprehensive strain database to guarantee the accuracy of our data.

Our Team: Experienced. Driven. Passionate.

Dan Knights


Dan Knights is a computer scientist, computational biologist, and globally recognized expert in microbiome informatics who has developed some of the leading methods for analyzing microbiome data. He directs informatics & software development at CoreBiome, and was educated at Middlebury, University of Colorado, and Harvard Medical School.

Daryl Gohl

PhD - Chief Scientific Officer

Daryl Gohl is a molecular biologist and geneticist with a strong track record of developing novel tools for answering biological questions, including patent-pending methods that are the basis for CoreBiome’s technology. He directs R&D at CoreBiome and was educated at Northwestern, Princeton, and Stanford.

Kenny Beckman

PhD - Chief Operating Officer

Kenny Beckman has over 16 years of biotech experience, having led genomics R&D at Operon Technologies and co-founded Gorilla Genomics, Inc. Dr. Beckman is Director of the University of Minnesota Genomics Center (UMGC). He directs lab operations at CoreBiome and was educated at Cornell, Cambridge, and Berkeley.

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