Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental Science

Microbial communities are critical components of virtually every ecosystem on the planet. Our assays allow for assessment and tracking of microbial community composition, diversity, and microbial function in diverse environmental sample types.

Food Safety

Food harvesting, processing, shipping, and storage are all potentially impacted by microbial contamination, which in turn affects the rate of spoilage and waste as well as food safety. Detailed tracking of the microbiome throughout the food production cycle can help refine processes and prevent costly contamination incidents.

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Every microbiome experiment has to some extent unique source materials, sample volumes, and research questions.

The choice of an optimal mix of technologies (BoosterShot™, BenchMark™, StrainView™, DeepSeq) and specifications (read depth, analysis options) will depend upon those particulars.

In order to ensure that your experimental design is optimal, we initiate all projects with an in-depth discussion about your goals via email or teleconference.

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CoreBiome provides services and generates data for research purposes only.

Soil sample collection

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