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Live Biotherapeutics

Live biotherapeutics represent a revolutionary approach to the prevention and treatment of human disease. Our analyses can help identify microbial candidates for live biotherapeutic products and also serve as QC/QA assays for manufacturing processes.

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT)

Many researchers are exploring the role for FMTs in replenishing the human microbiome to treat a variety of diseases. Our accurate and thorough analyses of complex patient and donor microbiomes can provide novel insights into functional consequences of FMT and biomarkers of successful treatment.

Drug Target Discovery

Our fast turnaround and highly accurate and quality-controlled data can help streamline the drug discovery process, allowing customers to iterate quickly and identify strains and microbial byproducts involved in disease.


Profiling the human microbiome is leading to novel diagnostic methods for preventing, diagnosing, and predicting disease. Our reproducible and accurate assays, combined with world-class machine-learning analytics can help customers build predictive models of disease and identify biomarkers for precision medicine.

Clinical Trials

Many microbiome-focused clinical trials are currently underway, across health fields ranging from mood disorders to gastrointestinal diseases. Our high-resolution microbial profiles are used to stratify patient populations and to identify microbes and microbial genes that are influencing clinical outcomes.

Pathogen Surveillance

Hospitals across the world are adopting next-generation DNA sequencing as a complement to traditional culture-based methods for pathogen surveillance and diagnostics. This information can be used to track and understand the spread of outbreaks and antibiotic resistant bacteria in clinical settings, and for safeguarding sensitive manufacturing processes.

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Every microbiome experiment has to some extent unique source materials, sample volumes, and research questions. The choice of an optimal mix of technologies (BoosterShot™, BenchMark™, StrainView™, DeepSeq) and specifications (read depth, analysis options) will depend upon those particulars. In order to ensure that your experimental design is optimal, we initiate all projects with an in-depth discussion about your goals via email or teleconference.

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CoreBiome provides services and generates data for research purposes only.

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