CoreBiome now offering $99 shotgun metagenomics

We are excited to announce a $99 shotgun metagenomics service using our BoosterShot platform. Shotgun metagenomics provides higher taxonomic and functional resolution than 16S sequencing for human microbiome studies. Through our innovative wet lab methods and informatics pipeline, we can now offer shotgun-quality data to all researchers for little more than the cost of 16S. This will allow the microbiome field to move toward functional profiles even on large longitudinal studies.

The BoosterShot service includes:

  • Illumina sequencing at a depth of 2 million reads per sample

  • Excellent functional and species annotation using exhaustive database alignment against our “Venti” database with up to 20 strains per species

  • Much higher functional and taxonomic resolution than 16S sequencing for human microbiomes, similar quality of deep shotgun sequencing for gene and species profiles

  • Additional informatics analysis including diversity plots, database strain coverage tables, and data downloads (example report here).

  • A 3-week turnaround for 94+ samples or a 6-week turnaround for 24+ samples.

Contact us at to receive a quote today.