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Today, CoreBiome announced that leading microbiome researcher Rob Knight, Professor and Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation at the University of California San Diego, will be joining its scientific advisory board. As an investigator on the National Institutes of Health Human Microbiome Project and a co-founder of the American
We at CoreBiome are thrilled to be joining the OraSure family that includes DNA Genotek. CoreBiome is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc. Read more about the acquisition in the press release here and on Genome Web here.
We are happy to announce that Dr. Jacquelyn Meisel is the winner of our 100-sample BoosterShot Sweepstakes. Dr. Meisel is exploring computational approaches to better understand host-microbe interactions as a postdoctoral associate within Dr. Mihai Pop’s research group at the University of Maryland College Park. Her project will detail strain-level
The recent Cell publication uses a mix of 16S amplicon sequencing, shotgun sequencing and dietary analysis to detail the loss of microbial diversity experienced by those immigrating to the US from Thailand. Highlights of the paper include the findings that US immigrants lose fiber-degrading enzymes from their microbiome’s functional repertoire, and that
CoreBiome is happy to announce it has been awarded a Technology Commercialization Grant to help kick off new initiatives. The $220,000 grant will be used to accelerate commercialization of technologies licensed from the University of Minnesota, including synthetic DNA standards used to ensure sequencing quality, and novel algorithms used in
We are excited to announce a $99 shotgun metagenomics service using our BoosterShot platform. Shotgun metagenomics provides higher taxonomic and functional resolution than 16S sequencing for human microbiome studies. Through our innovative wet lab methods and informatics pipeline, we can now offer shotgun-quality data to all researchers for little more than the cost of
ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoreBiome, a genomics platform company that is transforming microbiome innovation with proprietary laboratory methods and big-data analytics, today announced the appointment of Dr. Daniel Pomp, Ph.D., a world leader in agricultural and biomedical genomics, to its Board of Directors. Daniel Pomp has over 30 years of experience in
ROSEVILLE, Minn., Jan. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Rebiotix Inc., a clinical-stage microbiome company focused on harnessing the power of the human microbiome to treat debilitating diseases, announced today its successful first phase of collaboration with CoreBiome to measure the ability of RBX2660 and RBX7455 to rehabilitate the human microbiome impacted by recurrent Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection.
A commentary by Daryl Gohl was published in this month’s Nature Biotechnology.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Gohl and discuss the these recent efforts to characterize variability in microbiome profiling methods and the importance of defined reference materials for assessing reproducibility. 1. What is the overriding message from your