Benchmark is a 16S rRNA gene-based assay for microbiome profiling. BenchMark uses a combination of real-time PCR sample quantification, dual-indexed multiplexing, and optimized enzymatic and PCR conditions to eliminate most of the taxonomic dropout that is observed with “standard” 16S methods. BenchMark suppresses chimera formation and minimizes PCR error, resulting in greater accuracy when tested head-to-head against other 16S methods in the analysis of defined mock community standards. BenchMark is recommended for microbiome samples containing high host DNA contamination, or poor representation in whole-genome reference databases, such as those from soil, water, plants, or animals.



Starts at $89/sample

Minimum order:

92 samples for 3-week turnaround, 24 samples for 6-week turnaround


Raw sequencing data (FASTQ), Trimmed and stitched sequences (FASTA), taxonomy and predicted function tables, quality-control dashboard and Core Analysis. Click here for an example report (CorePlus analysis charged separately).

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