BoosterShot Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing

BoosterShot™ is scalable, highly-accurate shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

Use BoosterShot™ to gain a boost in data return with full species-level resolution and functional profiling not provided by amplicon sequencing.

Benefits of Shallow Sequencing

Through developing algorithms of unparalleled sensitivity, we are able to unlock more information from shallow sequencing depths, giving you more information for a fraction of the price.

Starting at depths of 2 million reads per sample, each project includes species-level taxonomic profiling and functional profiling of biological pathways present in your samples.

BoosterShot™ can profile down to 0.05% of a community, allowing researchers to obtain information about complex microbiome communities, otherwise unreachable without deep sequencing depths.

See an example of a Core Analysis report with taxonomy and function tables, a quality-control dashboard, and interactive profile plots.

Scalable Big Data

With BoosterShot™, researchers can unlock more information about their microbiome samples and thus, examine their data in new ways. Shallow shotgun sequencing allows you to increase your study size, allowing for time-series sampling and multiple pre- and post-treatment collections. More samples equals more power. When robust studies are paired with the highly-accurate species and functional profiles BoosterShot™ returns, unlocking signals in your data is easy. One example of this approach was employed in the academic lab of our founder and CEO, Dan Knights. Dense time series collection of participants was done with daily collections for 17 days [Johnson et al., 2019, Cell Host & Microbe 25, 789–802]. When linked with daily dietary data, Johnson et al were able to find patterns in microbiome stability and diversity correlated with dietary intake.

Studies like this aren’t feasible at the price of traditional deep sequencing, whereas BoosterShot™ enables the mix of sensitivity and power.

Want to unlock more information from your samples? Contact us to find out how we can help enrich your studies.

Sample Types Suited for BoosterShot™

Ideal BoosterShot™ samples are high-biomass samples with less than 50% host DNA contamination.

Samples containing microbes that are well represented in whole-genome reference databases perform best. These include human fecal and oral samples, as well as, fecal samples from model organisms. Although a high amount of host-DNA can decrease the percentage of reads that will contribute to your microbiome profile, host contamination can be overcome with additional sequencing depth.

Contact us to chat with one of our BoosterShot™ specialists to find the right balance of depth and data for your project.

BoosterShot™ Basics


Starts at $99/sample for 2 million sequences per sample.

Minimum order:

88 samples for 3-week turnaround, 24 samples for 6-week turnaround.


Adaptor-removed and filtered sequencing data (fastq), trimmed and combined sequences file (fasta), annotated taxonomy and function tables, strain coverage tables, quality-control dashboard, and a full Core Analysis report. Review example report.


BoosterShot™ uses a CLIA approved workflow and is performed in a CLIA-certified laboratory.

BoosterShot™ shotgun metagenomic sequencing starts at $99 with two to four million reads per sample, dependant on project size.

Generally, two million reads is ample coverage to provide species-level resolution down to 0.5% of the community. To ensure data of the highest quality, we require a minimum number of 24 samples per project.

The following are included in your BoosterShot™ project:

  • Initial quality control check on all samples
  • QC report returned for review
  • Amplification and library preparation using our optimized approach
  • Sequencing starting at 2 million reads per sample
  • Core Analysis Report
    • Strain-level and species-level taxonomic assignments via fully-optimal gapped
      DNA sequence alignment to a curated reference database
    • Direct functional profiling via alignment to a curated reference database, reported
      as KEGG orthology groups, modules, and pathways
    • Strain coverage tables
    • Sequencing quality-control dashboard
    • Interactive visualizations that leverage your sample metadata
  • Fastqs: adaptor-trimmed and quality-filtered sequencing data
  • Fasta: trimmed and combined DNA sequences in QIIME-ready format

Review example report.​

The standard turnaround time for a BoosterShot™ project is 3 weeks from DNA generation, but we can expedite your results. Find out how by reviewing our FAQ document.

Large projects beyond 1,000 samples may require additional time. Contact us ​with questions.

Input DNA quality and quantity can have dramatic impacts on the microbial profile generated for your samples.

To ensure your BoosterShot™ samples return the best data, we recommend performing your ​DNA extraction​ at CoreBiome or following our guidelines​.

CoreBiome accepts primary samples, such as swabs, fecal samples, and soil, as well as pre-extracted DNA prepared via our sample submission guidelines.

All we need to know are some quick details regarding the types of samples you have, how many, and how they are stored.

From there, our team of experts can recommend the best approach for generating your microbiome data and discoveries.

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