BoosterShot is our innovative alternative to amplicon sequencing for large-scale microbiome experimentation, starting at 2 million sequences per sample. BoosterShot uses shotgun sequencing to generate accurate taxonomic and functional profiles of the microbiome with species-level resolution. Based on algorithms of unparalleled sensitivity and proprietary genomics techniques, BoosterShot recovers the full species-level taxonomic and functional repertoire of a complex microbiome at dramatically lower cost than deep shotgun sequencing.

BoosterShot is recommended for human stool and oral microbiomes, which are low in host DNA contamination, and which are well represented in whole-genome reference databases. It may still provide useful information that is complementary to 16S in other environments.



Starts at $99/sample for 2 million sequences per sample

Minimum order:

92 samples for 3-week turnaround, 24 samples for 6-week turnaround


Raw sequencing data (FASTQ), Trimmed and stitched sequences (FASTA), taxonomy and function tables, quality-control dashboard and Core Analysis. Click here for an example report.

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